Welcome! I’m the author of Corn Dolls, Steel Witches and Cut Out – the Tom Fletcher trilogy of books.

These days, I write a whole new range of books which are published internationally under a different pen name. Still, I always enjoy hearing from people who’ve read those Tom Fletcher books, or who want to discuss writing and publishing. 

My email is patrickpost@hotmail.co.uk, or leave a comment here.

And watch out for those corn dolls!

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18 Responses to Welcome

  1. Ann says:

    Daughter gave me Corn Dolls for Christmas and I couldn’t put it down..Looking forward to reading more of your books.

  2. Kamana says:

    Dear Patrick,
    Initially, i hesitated to pick your first book as i wanted to start with your latest publication, Cut Out! But once i started ‘Corn Dolls’, i couldn’t believe that it could be anyone’s first creation!! Very unique plot and the way you have described the scenario is overwhelmingly impressive! Wonderful work! :)

    • Thanks, Kamana – 2007 (when I wrote it) seems like a very long time ago now. . .as it does for a lot of people, I guess. Take care and please stop off at the office if you’re in England.

  3. Kamana says:


    Also i finished your 3rd fiction, ‘Cut Out,’ as Corn Dolls had already put such an impression on me! This one even turned out to be better one! Every time i turned its pages, i felt like i was watching some interesting movie. It’s simply mind-blowing!
    Congratulations for all your publications!
    Looking forward for your next novel (Ted is a very impressive character indeed!).
    Best wishes.


  4. Kamana says:

    While going through it, I realized that this publication has been underestimated. The Witches’ stories are bewitching with suspense holding till the end!
    However, the story could still be made shorter! :)

  5. harmien says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I picked up ‘Cut Out’ recently thinking it was North American fiction mystery. Although I am not ordinarily a fan of British prose, I started reading because the cover appealed tome :)
    and I was pleasantly surprised. .
    I am glad I started off with ‘Cut Out’ , because when I read ‘Corn Dols’ later I was disappointed. too much skipping forth and back.
    Then went on to ‘Steel Witches’ and found it intriguing! and things are looking up.
    Tom Fletcher is fleshed out nicely and not too much of a stretch for a staunch N-Am. reader.
    I hope he will be returning and giving Jack Reacher and Phil Broker amongst others,a run for the money. …..
    Looking forward to the next even if it is a stand-alone :)

    • Thank you for the kind comment, Harmien. As a big Lee Child/Dennis Lehane/James Lee Burke enhusiast, I wanted the books to have a slightly US feel – especially, for example, the way JLB makes things in the South seem kind of unearthly (at least to me.) The roads paved with flat tin cans and oyster shells and that kind of thing – I was looking for that kind of atmosphere in the UK.
      Best wishes from a freezing London.

  6. harmien says:

    Hi Patrick, thanks for your reply.
    It worked very well, with having the US /WW2 link. That in itself is interesting. I keep wanting to look up these palces :)
    We’ll see a lot of London come July 2012, and the Olympics. Maybe see you waving a flag.
    In the meantime, ‘keep clam and carry on!’ :)

    Harmien, Surrey, (Canada, eh?)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Patrick, I am almost to the end of Cut Out which is depressing me as I cannot and don’t want put the book down! Cannot wait to get hold of Corn Dolls from the library. Thank you for an amazing plot with so many twists and turns!

  8. Anonymous says:

    HI any news on when the fixer will be published?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Have just finished reading your first three back to back – had read Corn Dolls and Steel Witches before but long ago enough to still find them page turners. Did not want to put down Cut Out – in love with Tom Fletcher. Can’t wait to get my hands on Fixer – keep up the fantastic work.
    Kind regards
    Nicola (New Zealand)

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