The Books

In Corn Dolls – the first book in the trilogy – Tom Fletcher faces the Russian mafia and corruption in the British police.

“Multi-layered and deeply satisfying” – Shots Magazine

“A gripping exness app page-turner” – Reviewing The Evidence

“A supreme thriller” – Ruhr Nachrichten

In Steel Witches, Fletcher uncovers the conspiracies surrounding an abandoned American airbase from World War 2.

“An intelligent examination of misogyny, jealousy and fear” – Times Literary Supplement

“Richly imaginitive” – The Times

In Cut Out, Fletcher tries to stay out of trouble. But when a journalist friend embedded with the British Army commits suicide, Fletcher faces threats from Afghanistan and his own family.

“Crooked soldiers, cheating journalists, heroin smuggling - Lennon’s latest has it all.” - News of the World

8 Responses to The Books

  1. Simon Bliss says:

    Hello Patrick, It was good to see you again during the Crime-Writing Festival this weekend. As I mentioned, I thought that Cut-Out is the best of your books. I liked the pace that you set in app exness the plot and the descriptions of the scenes, particularly the atmospherics – this did add a dimension to the images. I “second guessed” that the major would be the “Mr Big” in the military. If I may make a suggestion, you could have the reader working harder with another, similar character as a red herring.
    For my part, I did appreciate you coming to the writers’ group in October and helping with reviewing our efforts. Although mine was not the winning entry, the suggestions from you and the group helped me to revise the entry to something that I thought could be up there.
    Very best regards,

    • Thanks, Simon, exness trader it was nice to see you again in the always soothing environment of the Town Hall. There’s something about that building that cuts it off from the world outside – must be all that Victorian brickwork… hope to see you during 2012.
      All the best, Patrick

  2. Catherine M says:

    HI Patrick. I’m a voracious reader of crime books, and happened to pick up one of yours at a book store when I couldn’t find any books by my regular authors. I’ve just finished Corn Dolls and loved it. You are now on my list of authors, and I will be buying Steel Witches and Cut Out for sure next time I’m back in UK. Cheers, Catherine

  3. Mike Williams says:

    Hi Mr. Lennon, have just read Cut Out what a great store the plot was one of the best i`ve read in a long time as i read crime from various authors (mainly Scottish) yours has to be in my top ten.I just can`t wait to get my hands on your other books,Cheers Mike..

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